The whole country right now is preparing rigorously for Visit Nepal 2020. Everyone is sharpening their tools to attract and meet the 2 million targeted goal of tourists. A huge part of this campaign is to declare that Nepal has bounced back after the earthquake of April 2015 and safe to travel now. The infrastructure has greatly improved since. Nepal has always been famous for its raw beauty and it is in this country one will truly understand the quote “Difficult roads leads to beautiful destinations.” We are also ranked 5th on the list of Top 10 countries to visit in the world. Not too bad, eh? Tourism contributes 7.5% to Nepal’s GDP. Many communities from rural Nepal is dependant on it as their primary source of income. So travelling here in 2020 isn’t just about embarking on an...
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A week at Borderlands Resort!

After a hectic and tiresome week, it is natural to crave a quiet weekend or a vacation with your loved ones.  Take a chance to re-connect to your inner self, there’s endless things you could do around the city so that you may never lose a child in you. Sometimes you need to hear yourself rather than just loading your body with piles of work. Try to go out, indulge yourself into nature, and do some exciting adventure. Or explore yourself into new place, meet new people around, learn about their culture, life is too short to let it go on a waste. There’s so much more to life than just working day and night and what for??? Thus, it is hard work and sweat well spent.
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Days in the Borderland Resort

When people ask me if I believe in heaven, I always say I don’t just believe but I’ve been there multiple times.  Borderland, heaven on earth is more than just a resort; it is the gift of nature.  She sits by the bank of river surrounded by the greeneries all around.  Wide blue sky above to see and the comforting green grasses below to lie down or walk over, what more relaxing can it get. She provides great scenery for one to look at and the soothing sound of a river to listen to along with the chirping of the birds. Whether you are visiting Nepal or living here, an overnight on weekends at Borderland Resort should be added to your itinerary. This place is a relaxing escapes which is also a reality, now, that is a reality we all want to be in. In addition to the nature, Borderland...
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The festival of Colors Holi!

Regarded as one of the most colorfully beautiful festival; Holi is celebrated by the Hindus in Nepal and India. This festival is famously known as the festival of colors. Revellers, young and old alike, celebrate the festival by smearing colorful powders and throwing colors and water filled balloons at each other the festival of colors which is also known as Fagu Purnima. The festival revolves around the mythology of the demon king Hiranya Kashyapu ordering his sister Holika to enter into a fire along with Pralhad, son of the demon king and a devout follower of Lord Bishnu, in her lap so that Pralhad would stop chanting the name of the Lord. Holika despite having a boon from god Holika died in the burning fire whereas Prahlad was unharmed as he was chanting the devotional song of the...
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