Days in the Borderland Resort

When people ask me if I believe in heaven, I always say I don’t just believe but I’ve been there multiple times.  Borderland, heaven on earth is more than just a resort; it is the gift of nature.  She sits by the bank of river surrounded by the greeneries all around.  Wide blue sky above to see and the comforting green grasses below to lie down or walk over, what more relaxing can it get. She provides great scenery for one to look at and the soothing sound of a river to listen to along with the chirping of the birds.
borderlands resort in nepal

Whether you are visiting Nepal or living here, an overnight on weekends at Borderland Resort should be added to your itinerary. This place is a relaxing escapes which is also a reality, now, that is a reality we all want to be in. In addition to the nature, Borderland also provides many kinds of adventure activities like Rafting, Canyoning, a day Hike or multiple days of trekking in Ghati village.
borderlands resort in nepal

If you wish get away from the hustling and bustling of the city side, then Borderlands is the perfect getaway for you.
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