Duration: Hidden Fortress Trek: 8 Days Ride: 2-4 Days Canyoning Fortress Trek: 2 Days Raft: 2 Days

The Dugunagadi Fortress is a maze of crumbling walls strategically situated on a plateau. The views are stunning; during the day one gazes at the Tibetan snow-capped peaks and by night, the lights of Khasa, the first Tibetan town north of the Friendship Bridge, glisten throughout the dark evening sky. The Fortress is situated at an altitude of 2084 m and was built in 1854 by the Nepali Army to attack the Bhot, a region behind the Himalaya, which is in Tibet.

Some of the highlights of the trek are:

The Duganagadi Fortress (2400 m), our destination, is a maze of crumbling walls strategically situated on a plateau with stunning views of the surrounding areas.
Chagam (2200 m), one of the highlights of the trek is an all women’s monastery housing some 300 nuns. Some travel from as far away as Ladakh in order to spend time, learn and meditate here. The layout of the village is unusual as each nun has her own house, thus creating a colourful spattering of red, yellow, green and white homes throughout the beautiful countryside.
Listi (2180 m), a charming village overlooking the Bhote Koshi river with stunning views of the surrounding areas.
Bike to the Borderlands along the old trade route, through some of Nepal’s oldest cities including Bhaktapur, Nala and Dhulikhel. Ride on the Arniko Highway which runs alongside the Bhote Koshi river, and also visit the Tibetan frontier were Nepal meets Tibet at the Friendship bridge just 18kms beyond the Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort.

The trail twists and turns giving you gorgeous views of the countryside. After making your final descent from Kathmandu valley to the Borderlands river-side resort, enjoy your first beer that will be on us. Prepare yourself for the exciting days ahead when you will be rafting, trekking and canyoning.

Canyoning is a new adventure sport geared to the ultimate sports enthusiast. It is an activity that involves abseiling, sliding, jumping, swimming, and climbing down waterfalls through steep canyon walls to deep pools. This unique combination of skills gives the intrepid canyoneer the freedom to explore some of the most ruggedly beautiful, yet forbidden places in the world.

From sheer cliffs and slides to pounding waterfalls, you will experience all the joys of canyoning. Apart from all the fun and games and despite its apparent simplicity, this sport requires the guidance of an expert. Our professional guides are experienced canyoneers who feel that the practice of safe canyoning necessitates the use of proper gears, continual vigilance and a good knowledge of the aquatic environment.

The Bhote Koshi is one of Nepal’s premier adrenaline rivers with more vertical drops and white water than any other in the nation. A 2-day rafting program on the Bhote Koshi, with Nepal’s No. 1rafting company renowned for its safety & reputation, is like nothing else on offer in Nepal.

We provide the following:

  • Professional international guides
  • Technical equipment
  • Transportation
  • All meals and accommodation