Location: Bhote Koshi River
Rafting has long drawn travellers and adventure-seekers to the rivers of the Himalayas. Descending from the snow-capped mountains of Tibet, the Bhote Koshi is one of Nepal's premium rivers for whitewater adventures.


Your two-day liquid odyssey begins at The Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort. This border oasis is situated just south of Tibet and has exclusive access to the highest raft put-in point, which means more whitewater and one of the finest rafting and kayaking environments in the world.

Our partner organisation, Ultimate Descents Nepal , has spent more time on the Bhote Koshi river than any other rafting company. Guides are certified in river rescue and first aid. State of the art equipment and years of experience means you can happily bet on one of the safest and most exciting river journeys in the country. A rafting or kayaking experience in Nepal is a truly amazing experience.

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We Provide

  • VIP accommodation (Safari style thatched-roof tent)
  • Meals
  • Two-way transportation (pending scheduled departure dates)
  • Guides, training and equipments


Our trips meet at 0600 am (always make a point of checking this as it can change depending on the time of the year) at our office in Thamel. All the restaurants are closed at this time, so bring a snack for breakfast. Once we have everyone ready, we get on our chartered bus. The bus takes us out of Kathmandu Valley, through rice fields and the ancient town of Dhulikhel.

On a clear day, the entire Himalayan range is clearly visible from the summit. From here the road drops 1,000 meters to the village of Dolalghat on the banks of the Indrawati River. Then we push up north towards the Tibetan Border and the steep water that tumbles down from the plateau.

After an early lunch, everyone puts on a lifejacket, spray-jacket and helmet, ready to begin their adventure. Most of the people we take down the river have never been on a raft before and our guides gear the safety talk to neophytes.

Rafting on the Bhote Koshi is a full body activity, with much more than mere paddling. You learn how to throw your body weight around the raft in desperate, yet effective attempts to swing the raft around boulders and through the hydraulics. The Bhote Koshi is a steep mountain river with a long series of 3+ to 4- deeps.

Just before we reach the village of Barabise on this day, the journey ends and we load all the boats onto our bus and drive back up to the top of the river where our camp is waiting for us. While dinner is being prepared, take time to sit beside the river or play volleyball. It’s an excellent time to have a beer, and swap and refine stories.


In the morning, everyone packs their gear and enjoys breakfast before loading the buses, which will drive to the take-out to meet us. Before starting, there is another paddling session to refresh everyone’s memory and scrape away last night’s fog.

Following a repeat performance of the first stretch of rafting on the Bhote Koshi (allowing you the chance to hone your skills that you learnt on the previous day), you will be descending down another set of exciting rapids, right down to the series of drops known as ‘Dazed and Confused”! This is one of the most gripping stretches on the river and without doubt is one of the finest whitewater rafting experiences you can have.


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