Canyoning is a new adventure sport geared to the ultimate sports enthusiast. It is an activity that involves abseiling, sliding, jumping, swimming, and climbing down waterfalls through steep canyon walls to deep pools. This unique combination of skills gives the intrepid canyoneer the freedom to explore some of the most ruggedly beautiful, yet forbidden places in the world.

From sheer cliffs and slides to pounding waterfalls, you will experience all the joys of canyoning. Apart from all the fun and games and despite its apparent simplicity, this sport requires the guidance of an expert. Our professional guides are experienced canyoneers who feel that the practice of safe canyoning necessitates the use of proper gears, continual vigilance and a good knowledge of the aquatic environment.

The Bhote Koshi is one of Nepal’s premier adrenaline rivers with more vertical drops and white water than any other in the nation. A 2-day rafting program on the Bhote Koshi, with Nepal’s No. 1rafting company renowned for its safety & reputation, is like nothing else on offer in Nepal.

We provide the following:

Professional international guides
Technical equipment
All meals and accommodation

We’ve watched adventure tourism develop and have actively been a part of it. Together with Ultimate Descents Nepal, we are Adventure Centre Asia, leading the way in providing eco-friendly responsible tourism in the region. Rope & Raft, the optimum adventure challenge is a reality buster, an escape from your everyday work environment that will make you feel you have truly been on a vacation.