The whole country right now is preparing rigorously for Visit Nepal 2020. Everyone is sharpening their tools to attract and meet the 2 million targeted goal of tourists. A huge part of this campaign is to declare that Nepal has bounced back after the earthquake of April 2015 and safe to travel now. The infrastructure has greatly improved since. Nepal has always been famous for its raw beauty and it is in this country one will truly understand the quote “Difficult roads leads to beautiful destinations.” We are also ranked 5th on the list of Top 10 countries to visit in the world. Not too bad, eh?

Tourism contributes 7.5% to Nepal’s GDP. Many communities from rural Nepal is dependant on it as their primary source of income. So travelling here in 2020 isn’t just about embarking on an adventure but it’s also driven with purpose to help and support these rural community by contributing whatever we can. To find out how Borderlands Nepal is making its contribution, drop us a message.