Borderlands & Eco-Tourism!

 “That which we allow to exist, to flourish freely according to its own rhythms, is superior to anything our little hands create.”  -William Powers

The goal of the innovation is to provide memorable experiences while simultaneously preserving the natural environment and contributing to local communities we operate in through awareness building.

Borderlands is the genuine eco-adventure lodge, beautifully set off the beaten track, minutes from the Tibetan Borders. Our intimate resort offers comfortable accommodation, outstanding local cuisine and a full range of adventure and cultural activities. Solar power & low carbon footprint make the ideal and environmentally responsible location to relax and unwind. Borderlands is committed to environmentally, culturally and socially responsible travel. We aim to operate in a way that conserves the areas we visit and bring positive benefits to local communities.

borderalnds eco tourism

Alternative energy, organic farming, responsible waste management, strict environmentally conscious building codes, responsible eco adventure policies, employing and training locals are only a few methods of achieving our goal to minimize our negative impact as well as support local communities.

Borderlands began with the vision to upgrade a rural property into an accredited boutique resort while ‘Keeping it real”. This transformation and expansion has provided more employment and further hospitality/tourism training for the local populace in Gati, Sindhupalchowk.

Borderlands not only transformed a rural piece of land into a resort and provided job opportunities, but also support the surrounding communities by supporting many aid, development and conservation projects in the areas through The Namaste Nepal Foundation and Nepal River Conservation Trust (NRCT). Guests are always invited to contribute to the Foundation. Borderlands Resort is also supporting the efforts of including a class on rivers and terrestrial conservation and sustainable resource management into the local school curriculum.

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Success in providing exceptional experiences to the visitors drives success in our other initiatives. With this we were able to support and provide education, training and jobs for local communities as well as educate visitors through hand guides and our direct actions. Through NRCT & cooperation with locals we work towards preserving the rivers, providing a breeding sanctuary for fish as well as benefiting the communities involved has proven to be successful. We also invite Researchers & Scientists for providing us with data on the environment, life quality of locals, and local satisfaction throughout Nepal.

We offer fun enjoyable trips to guests. Small groups allow guests to experience cultures first hand through interaction with locals offering greater opportunity for cross- cultural understanding. A variety of activities are available to the guests; Canyoning, Rock Climbing, Fishing, Kayaking, Rafting as well as opportunities to trek, visit local villages, bird watch or simply relax and unwind. Trips to local villages are led by locals themselves giving a true experience. Our guests are issued clear guidelines on responsible tourism and are encouraged to buy local crafts and support local skills, never to buy products that exploit wildlife or the harm the habitat. We employ local crew and guides to aid in guests’ understanding of local culture and etiquette, and guests have the opportunity to interact with local people. Borderlands have educated locals; continue to educate visitors and results in preserving and improving the environment. All of this is backed up by the actions of our directors and staff in the hope that it will transmit onto our guests.

eco tourism nepal

Megh Ale, drawn to water based activities since childhood has been in search for a career where he could combine his passion for conservation of the natural environment. Borderlands was founded in 1995 with the vision to transform this resort into an eco-haven with benefit to communities and potential to educate visitors through exposure to the natural and cultural environments.

The vision remains to develop Borderlands as an ideal dream for “How tourism should run”.

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