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The Borderlands Leadership Centre offers your business or organisation an opportunity to focus on goals in a setting that is truly unique. We believe that a quality environment breeds quality thought. In conjunction with our adventure centre, our programs use many activities and initiatives as metaphors to help your organisation focus on their goals.

The magic and sheer majesty of Nepal is impossible to ignore. From the highest mountains in the world to dense sub-tropical jungles, Nepal offers one of the planet’s most diverse and exotic adventure travel destinations. Within this unique environment, the Borderlands has, in consultation with many international organizations, developed Nepal’s premier Professional Development Programs (PDP). The Borderlands, one of the leading service providers, has more than a decade of quality service to its credit. Our PDPs are designed to stimulate personal growth within a framework of support and team unity. We offer challenges and facilitation that will develop the essential skills and attributes needed for success in the corporate world. In addition to PDPs, the Borderlands Group also specializes in Leadership Development Programs for schools/ colleges, team building events and staff retreats to name a few.

These programs are fun filled and adventurous yet teaches the crucial components for the success of an individual as well as an organization namely: increasing loyalty, bonding, trust, communication, retaining employees, planning, coordination, team effort and leadership. The Borderlands runs not only a selection of target specific programs i.e. trust, communications, teamwork, leadership but we also tailor a bespoke course to suit your company’s training needs.

In a modern business world, it is increasingly important to employ staffs who are able to work under pressure, meet deadlines, self-assess and keep up with the changing and challenging business community. Our courses are designed to not only test your staff’s abilities but it also teaches them how to take responsibility for their own learning, progress and development. The courses are practical and theory based and just so we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we also incorporate a sizeable dose of fun! The Borderlands PDP believes that all organizations have a specific history and distinctive culture that has evolved over many years though people may be consciously unaware of restraints that may be inherent in this culture. Exposure to a new learning environment and a fresh approach to facilitation can often highlight any inhibitions and restraints that may be slowing down the progress and the healthy growth of the organization. A quality environment breeds quality thought, and using adventure activities as metaphors, we can help you and your organization to focus on reaching your training goals.

  • Building trust.
  • Supporting cultural changes and cross-cultural interaction.
  • Facilitating conflict resolution.
  • Developing high performing teams.
  • Stress management.
  • Energizing individuals, teams and divisions.
  • Developing support mechanisms.v
  • Developing problem solving skills and strategies.
  • Improving verbal and non-verbal communication and listening skills.
  • Creating an environment conducive to risk-taking.
  • Appreciating the wildlife, natural and human environments of Nepal .


A Borderlands experience, in line with its motto of ‘Inspiring Experience’, is one that provides its participants with an opportunity to identify skills, strengths and solutions for success as an individual, as well as realizing their importance as part of a team. The process consists of interactive challenges and problem solving activities.

The key to opening doors is turning an exciting adventure filled day into a real learning experience. We do this by exploring the norms which are set in place, or which are yet to establish themselves within a group. The Borderlands brings together an outstanding base camp with many challenging activities, using the natural beauty of Nepal as its training ground. Changing the work environment opens the door to changing the way we solve problems and reach our desired goals. Building trust rests on establishing a safe learning environment. True group cohesion and teamwork develops as people work together, thus resulting in the support of one another. Few experiences foster this learning better than the challenges found while paddling whitewater, canyoning, trekking or even in a community living under the stars.

Every Borderlands’ PDP course is different due to the unique nature of the participating groups, the instructors, the weather and the terrain. In fact, an element of the unknown is part of what makes Borderlands a true adventure play ground.

We have one request for our participants- come with an open mind and a willingness to learn. We invite you to share in this mind, body and soul experience!

The Borderlands has been providing Professional Development Programs (PDPs), Team Building Events and Leadership Development Programs (LDPs), Staff Retreat programs for national and international Corporate Houses, Schools and Institutions for more than a decade. The programs can range from a half-day program to full residential courses at the Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort or any other venue as per the client’s requirements.


The Borderlands team has a big pool of highly professional instructors and comprises of qualified, experienced, seasoned, mature and responsible staffs who are experts in their own fields. High adventure is our lifeblood so our people are highly motivated individuals who know the value of close personal attention and teamwork. Many combined years of corporate training experience in Nepal, the U.K., Canada, the U.S. and India have helped us bring to you a wide range of new and established training techniques that can broaden your horizon and introduce a wealth of new ideas and approaches to your training program. Our Instructors are skilled, dedicated and caring outdoor educators with a broad range of personal and professional experience and they know the value of close personal attention and teamwork.


Currently, the majority of our programs are carried out at The Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort which is situated merely 3 hours north of Kathmandu and just 16Km south of the Tibetan border. However, programs are designed to be innovative and highly mobile, so if you prefer for a particular venue we will be happy to tailor your programs to meet your specific needs. The Borderlands training staff are adaptable and enjoy the challenge of taking training programs into new and different environments. We also carry out the programs at the Gokarna Forest Resort and other venues within the Kathmandu Valley to cater to groups who prefer to stay within the confines of the Kathmandu valley. We also offer in-house programs should your organization require us to undertake such activity. Both offer a very unique residential experience with direct access to the majestic beauty and challenging natural environment of Nepal.


Built on beautifully sculpted sprawling terraces alongside the powerful Bhote Koshi River, the Borderlands is unique and unlike any place you have been before. Thatched style safari tents, clean mountain air and tantalizing meals compliment the friendly atmosphere of this riverside resort. Apart from being a perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy the diversity that the nature has to offer, you can indulge in multi-adventure tourism activities like white water rafting, abseiling, kid’s rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, and trekking to name a few activities that the resort has to offer. It also allows one to be in tune with the nature and to get an insight into the lifestyle of the local people while providing all the amenities of a modern resort. The resort also gives you an opportunity to do community service as the community schools are very grateful to whatever assistance they can get.


We have CDMA phone services at the Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort that can be used for making or receiving calls.


At the Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort, we will also be offering the service of Yoga and meditation. There will also be live musical program and dance.


The Borderlands gives top priority to hygiene to ensure that its clients are always healthy. The food that we serve at the Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort is an overall blend of western and Nepali cuisine. For drinking purposes, the Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort uses safe iodized drinking water discouraging the use of plastic bottled water. While on a rafting trip, we also provide packed lunch that will be served at the riverside. On extra charges, the Aarniko Bar at the Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort also provides all kinds of hard and soft drinks.


Keeping in mind the comfort of our guests, the Borderlands provides a private coach for both ways. We also have the vehicle stationed at the Resort for any emergency requirements.


The Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort has 8 of the 2 men Safari Tents with thatched roofs and 9 of the 4 men Safari Tents in addition to simple tents which can be increased in number should the need arise. Spacious lawns and a long house, capturing the old world charm of Nepal, cater to group discussions and other less formal needs as well.


Our clientele list varies from national and international top business houses to schools and charitable institutions. The participants of our programs vouch that these events have indeed helped them to better function in their organization. Your safety and enjoyment are our primary concern.


Games & initiatives focusing on professional development, team building, problem solving and leadership development skills, white water rafting, kids rock climbing, canyoning, hiking, nature-treks, mountain biking to name a few. The above points provide a brief introduction about the amenities that The above points provide a brief introduction about the amenities that we have to offer. However, if you need detailed information please contact our corporate office.

The course will be a time of discovery for you. Along with the fun and adventure will come some challenges. Indeed, the very purpose of the program is to help you find untapped resources within yourself and within your group; to help you discover that you can do more than you think. Our customized programs invite you to explore, from alternative perspectives, who you are and how you work together- in an environment that offers opportunities to move towards significant change through real experiences. Together we will move to transfer the learning into your workplace, working with you in your environment as well as ours.


As you are well aware, learning through experience has never been more relevant to organizations and individuals. The challenges we face today are increasingly demanding, complex and often unpredictable. They require individuals and teams to change – to think and work in new and effective ways. In partnership with you, the Professional Development Program/ Leadership Development Program’s unique expertise in action learning will ask you, your team and your organization to move beyond what you believe you are capable of doing. Our business is to challenge organizations and individuals to fulfill their potentials by providing them with the tools and experience necessary for inspired achievement.


All the programs that the Borderlands Group offers are tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of its clients. In addition to organizing Professional Development Programs, Team Building Events, Leadership Development Programs, and Staff Retreat Programs, the Borderlands also offer multi-adventure tourism activities. We also have a dedicated team of support and logistical staff. Once the program is designed, a formal document outlining the course program, logistical requirements, post-course-follow-up and full fee details will be presented.


At Borderlands, we recognize that we learn best by doing rather than by listening and reflect this in all of our interventions as experience is the best teacher. Active participation in our programs requires individuals to use a variety of intelligence: linguistic, physical, interpersonal and intrapersonal, then step outside the activity and look at the experience and their roles in it. We’ve found that experiential learning fosters and strengthens trust, creating an ideal environment for groups with diverse behavioral styles. Our entire outdoor programs are highly participative, providing a stimulating mixture of activities, exercises, role play, and review. The program is built around a series of high impact, motivating activities, projects, and challenges with participants working in small teams to be engaged in memorable experiences, fun and challenges that highlight the principles and practices of the clients.

We have many games and initiatives purposefully designed to meet even the most demanding corporate and leadership training goals and objectives. Each initiative is carefully chosen for its relevance to the workplace and areas of professional or leadership development that you wish to concentrate on. We also tailor the activities to challenge your team in a number of ways. There is plenty of scope for physical exertion in an activity where the perception of risk is high; although a high degree of creative thinking and problem solving may also be called upon. Each task has, at its core, the need to balance a ‘task oriented approach’ with constant awareness of the ‘group process’ before success can be realized.


Rafting fosters team work, trust in team members, communication, support mechanisms, risk management, controlling stress/anxiety, motivation, fulfillment, strategies for tackling change and uncertainty, raising individual and team performance and learning new skills. Borderlands will provide all safety equipments required during the rafting. These equipments include safety helmets, life jackets and paddles.


Safety is our concern and should not concern you. The Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort is a very safe place as it has twenty-four hour security service. During all your activities, the security guards will be very watchful to avoid any unwanted proceedings. All our events and systems only involve apparent risk within a framework of real safety. During rafting and at the activity site, the Borderlands will also be equipped with first aid medical kits. The raft will be steered and guided by our highly experienced and well-trained river guides who have been running numerous rafting trips in many other Himalayan rivers. They have undergone the training of Swift Water Rescue Technique (SRT) and Wilderness First Aid. For more safety, we will have safety Kayakers alongside the rafts throughout the entire period of our rafting journey.

Note: Just to be more wary, we advise you not to carry any valuables and cash that will be more than you would need for the occasion.


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